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Utilities, Energy

Plasson Industries Ltd. , a global manufacturer of plastic fittings for plastic pipes , is innovating with Beta "Plasson Digital"  a startup within the company. The Plasson Digital solution QPM reduces total cost of quality for gas & water management companies.


Dr. Rozner Shmaryahu

Vice President


Education, Colleges

ORT colleges operate as interdisciplinary education centers, ranging from science and technology studies to the arts, design and communications.

Beta has been chosent by Ort Colleges to develop & deliver innovative programs that prepares Ort students to be excelling employees of the 21st Century. 

Dr. Rozner Shmaryahu

Vice President


Education, High Schools

AMIT enables Israel’s youth to realize their potential, and strengthens Israeli society by educating and nurturing children from diverse backgrounds within a framework of academic excellence, Jewish values, and Zionist ideals.

Amit has chosen Beta to drive an ultra-innovative education startup "High Teen" preparing Amit youth for the 21st century.

Dr. Rozner Shmaryahu

Vice President


Health, Government

With a $5B annual budget , the Israeli Ministry of Health, was assisted by Beta to innovate a value led Innovation strategy across the 40,000 employee organization. We helped design a "patient value" driven strategy through innovative processes, partnerships & technologies. 

Dr. Rozner Shmaryahu

Vice President

Beta helped us bring our innovative ideas to life

Beta brought out a ”new employee” from within me: the creator and intrapreneur that continuously strives to be creative & think differently

Beta are helping us envision and develop new programs and innovative business models aimed to equip our graduates with an edge for success in today's modern workforce

Dr. Rozner Shmaryahu

Vice President


השרותים שלנו



Strategic process defining the continuous growth strategy of the organization in an exponentially evolving environment.



Defining the innovative business model as basis for implementing the companies growth strategy



Initial steps of executing the business model : building the first prototype \ MVP of the proposed solution. Learning & evaluating risks & success in actual business enviroment



Planning a winning GoToMarket for the new business and creating new partnerships & sales models to scale the business globally

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